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Video Poker comes in many forms, coin denominations, and also how many hands you can play at one time. The basis of Video Poker is based on the classic poker game of Jacks or Better, where your goal is to get at least a Pair of Jacks in order to be in the running to win against an opponent.
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With Video Poker, you are playing against the machine or computer, so you will get a minimum win for having the minimum ranking hand, this varies depending on which game of Video Poker you're playing. The higher your hand ranking, the higher your win. The ultimate ranking hand in nearly all games of Video Poker is the Royal Flush, which is a suited sequential run of cards from the 10 to the Ace. The payouts for a Royal Flush are usually 4000 coins which equal 4000 times the coin denomination you've selected. For example, if you are playing a $0.25 coin denomination and betting the maximum coin, being $1.25, then your payout for a Royal Flush is going to be $1000.00.

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 Virtual City Poker is another operator of the Prima Poker Network and has been since March 2003. The benefit of playing on the network is the continual strong flow of players, a result of many poker sites all feeding through to one big room. Because of the size of Prima, they also spread a good variety of games from very low limit (easy pickings!) to high stakes pot limit and no limit (great if youíve got the bankroll or good to just watch).

As with any regular poker game, you are 'dealt' five cards to use to make the best possible ranking poker hand. You are allowed one round in which to discard the cards you don't want and be 'dealt' new cards. Selecting which cards to discard is critical so choose wisely. There are some general rules of thumb to help you play the best game you can, such as, if you are dealt a pair, keep the pair and discard the rest. There is no reason to keep a 'kicker' such as a high card to improve your hand. Also, when going for a straight, if you are dealt a 4,5,6, and 8, your odds of making this straight, which is called and 'inside straight', are not as good as if you were dealt a 4,5,6,7, which is an 'open straight' . With the inside straight, you will can only win with a 7. With an 'open straight', you can win with either a 3 or an 8, therefore increasing your odds of winning. Another hand to consider is the Full House. For example, you are 'dealt' three 9's, a King and a 5. You should of course keep the three 9's, but should you keep one of the other cards and try to make a pair, completing the Full House? No. Discard both the King and the 5 and get all new cards because even though your chances of getting another King or another 5 are about the same, you also must play the chance of getting another 9 which will pay you much more than a simple Full House. These are just some of the tips and strategies you can pick up on the game of Video Poker. Play each hand with the best strategy that you can and this will extend your playtime and your chances of winning more in the long run.

One very important tip in Video Poker is to look for the best paying games. To elaborate on that, look for a game that is called a 9/6 Full Pay game. Full Pay means that you are paid 9 coins for a Full House and 6 coins for a Flush. As you will soon see, not all Video Poker games are created equal. There are games that pay less than this and this will bring your overall payout way down, you'll be losing money in the long run even if your on a roll and racking up the winning hands. You can look at the payout screen to determine what the game pays out, it's listed on the front of the screen all Video Poker games. Another tip to keep in mind is to not rush through the hand. You need to make sure to pay attention to what is on the screen so that you do not miss a possible winning hand. This is one of the main reasons that potentially great hands, and therefore money, are lost. You are not in a rush to be anywhere, so take your time, enjoy the game, and pay attention to what your cards are! One final tip that will help you is that you should never keep a kicker with a pair because this will do nothing but lower your chances of hitting a better hand, and no one wants that to happen to them!


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