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As you’ve probably seen, slot machines are so numerous that they dominate in every casino nowadays. It's true, they're easy to play, maybe easier than anything else, but many people hardly ever win at slots. Are you wondering why?
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Well, here are a number of reasons and tips for you to take into consideration if you want your favorite game to turn out profitable for you: When you've decided which game your going to play, first look for the machines that are advertised to have a payout rate somewhere between 95% and 99%.

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Just because two machines are located beside each other and they seem identical to you, it doesn't mean that they have the same payout rate! And try to stay away from machines with all sorts of symbols on them, because their payoff percentage is hard to tell. If you get to double your bankroll at any time on a certain machine the best thing to do is cash out! The longer you stay at one machine, the higher the odds against you! Don't think that if a machine hasn't been paying for quite some time, it's about to hit. Time always works on the casino's side! For the beginning it's best to put low denomination bills into the slot machine. If you intend to spend $20 for a slot session, get $5 bills and put only one in the machine at a time. If you lose it we advise you to switch to a different machine. It's not worth feeding bills into a losing machine. There is no guarantee that the next machine will be any better, but still, you can never know; you can't find out unless you try it! It's up to the random number generator and your luck!

If you don't know what type of slot machine to play at, we recommend you tried playing video poker, as video poker machines have better payback than most reel slot machines. Understanding everything about how to play at a slot machine noticeably increases your chances of winning a bigger jackpot! Make sure you know the rules regarding the number of coins to insert and the payout percentage of the machine you want to play at. Now the odds are more favorable to you than ever. Why shouldn't you give it a try!


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